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Identify with Number Line Models uses number lines to demonstrate the meaning of numerator and denominator.

The denominator tells the number of equal parts that make up a whole. The numerator tells the number of chosen parts. If you input 3 for the numerator and 4 for the denominator you will get a number line that is sectioned into 4 equal parts, 3 of them will be colored in (chosen).

You can input any fraction with value a equal to or less than 1. The denominator must be between 0 and 100. Press the <OK> button and the chosen fraction will appear.

On the left is a <SHOW COLOR> check box. Uncheck the box to turn off the arrow and the red selected part of the number line. This will allow the learner to select the fraction.

Uncheck the <EXPLAIN> check box to turn off the answer and the explanation.

With <SHOW INPUT> unchecked, the numerator and denominator input boxes will act the same as password input boxes so learners will not see the numbers you input.

With <SHOW INPUT> unchecked and <EXPLAIN> unchecked, the student can identify the pictured fraction.

With <SHOW COLOR> unchecked and <EXPLAIN> unchecked, the student can shade the indicated fraction.


Demonstrate numerator with 3/5 and then 4/5. This will show that the fraction will increase in size as the numerator increases.

Demonstrate denominator with 3/5 and then 3/6. This will show that the fraction decreases in size as the denominator increases.


You may copy the screen by pressing <Print Screen> on the keyboard. This copies the screen into Windows Clipboard™. The screen can then be pasted into Windows Paint™ or your favorite imaging program. Windows Paint™ will allow you to crop, print, or save the image.

Windows 7 users can use the Snipping Tool™ to capture any part of the screen you wish. These images can be edited and saved in PNG, GIF(recommended) or JPEG formats.


To take a screen shot with the Ipad first press the Sleep/Wake button at the top right of the Ipad. While holding the Sleek/Wake button press and release the round Home button at the bottom of the screen. You should see a photo of the screen by going to the Home page and pressing the Photos icon.