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list bullet Common Core State Standards for Mathematics-Numbers & Operations-Fractions. See how the words "visual fraction model" are used.
list bullet Free Technology For Teachers: Some nice resources for teachers and students.
list bullet Freely Educate: High quality 100% free educational finds.
list bullet Education World: The Educators Best Friend.
list bullet Internet4classrooms: Helping you use the Internet effectively.
list bullet MOO MOO MATH. Check out this page for helpful resources for fractions.
list bullet A Fractions Calculator: This page of the PI DAY website has sum, difference, product, and quotient calculators. Also, there is a simplify fractions calculator and calculators that will convert from fraction to decimal and from decimal to fraction.
list bullet Power My Learning: Your destination for the best in fun, free online educational activities.
list bullet Teacher.org - Inspiring the future one child at a time.
list bullet The Calculator Site/math/fractions- See the operations on fractions in algebraic form. A great way to check your work and a good review on how to write the operations on fractions with number sentences.