Mixed Numbers to Fractions uses number line models to demonstrate how a number in mixed form can be renamed in fraction form.

The illustration below was made by Mixed to Fraction Designer. It shows the mixed number 2 3/5. You are to write 2 3/5 in fraction form, with only a numerator and denominator.

In this example, you will notice that the arrow is pointing to the 13th mark after 0, giving a numerator of 13. The number of parts between each whole unit is 5, giving a denominator of 5 for a fraction of 13/5. Some textbooks call a fraction such as this improper, where the numerator is equal to or larger than the denominator. There is nothing improper with the fraction 13/5. This is better known as the fraction form or a/b form of the number.

Mixed to Fraction

Arrive at the numerator 13 by multiplying the whole number 2 by the denominator 5 and then add the numerator 3 as in thie above example.

Another way write the example, you can think of each whole unit as 5/5. So in the above example you would have:

Mixed to Fraction2

Follow the directions in the dialog box after pressing the <START> button. The <EXPLAIN> button may be pressed to see how to do the example.

After you enter the fraction form answer you may press the <REPORT> button. The report will ask for your name but you may submit a code for your name. This report will give same results as on the dialog box. The report may be printed or e-mailed.