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Mixed Numbers to Fractions uses circle models to demonstrate how a number in mixed form can be renamed in fraction form.

The illustration below was made by Mixed to Fraction with Circles Designer. It shows the mixed number 2 2/5. You are to write 2 2/5 in fraction form, with only a numerator and denominator.

In this example, you will notice that each of the two whole circles has 5 colored pieces and the part circle has 2 colored pieces, giving 12 colored pieces in all for a numerator of 12. The denominator is 5 because each circle has 5 equal parts, giving a fraction of 12/5. 

Some textbooks call a fraction such as this where the numerator is equal to or larger than the denominator improper. This is better known as the fraction form or the a/b form of the number.

Circle faction images

To write the example, you can think of each whole number as 5/5. So in the above example you would have:

to fraction using units image

Another way to arrive at the numerator 12 is to multiply the whole number 2 by the denominator 5 and then add the numerator 2 as in this example:

how to write it out image

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