Fractional Part of a Group uses square and round cookies to demonstrate a fractional part of a group of objects.

The following illustration was made by Fractional Part of a Group Designer:

7/9 Picture

The denominator 9 in the fraction 7/9 ths shows the total number of cookies in the picture. The numerator 7 in the fraction 7/9 ths tells the number of square cookies in the picture.

Since the question is "What fraction of the cookies are square?" , we will use the fraction 7/9 ths because 7 of the 9 cookies are square cookies.

The line between the numerator and denominator is known as the fraction bar. It is also called the division bar.

Follow the directions in the dialog box after pressing the <START> button. The <EXPLAIN> button may be pressed to see how to do the example.

After you enter the fraction form answer you may press the <REPORT> button. The report will ask for your name but you may submit a code for your name. This report will give same results as on the dialog box. The report may be printed or e-mailed.