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Visual Fractions Searching Games

Find Grampy Find Grampy Grampy is hiding and Grammy uses a number line to help you find him.
Find Grampy Strict Find Grampy-Strict This game with Grammy and Grampy requires fractions in lowest terms.
Find Grammy

Find Grammy Help Grampy find Grammy. Grammy hides herself better than Grampy and Grampy uses only two words to help you find her.

In Between

In-Between is a strategy game that asks you to find a decimal position on a number line by guessing minimum and maximum amounts. Blinky is lost on an unknown planet. Help find him.

Visual Fractions Cookies and Cakes Games

Cookie Fraction
Cookies for Grampy See how fast you can put whole cookies together.
Seven Cookies Seven Cookies Rearrange whole cookie pieces to make seven whole cookies.
Egyption Fractions Egyptian Cookies is much like Cookies for Grampy but unit fractions are used to make cookies.
Egypt Addition

Egyptian Barley Cakes demonstrates how Ancient Egyptian fractions might have been used to pay workers. Reward your workers the Ancient Egyptian way with slices of barley cake.

Visual Fractions Weighing Games

Dial Scale Dial Scale Weigh several items using a dial scale. See how fast you can match a position on an analog dial.
Balance Scale Weight Balance Scale. Weigh three objects with a balance scale using common fraction and decimal fraction equivalents.
Beetle See how quickly you can weigh a chimp, rabbit, blinker, bird, and a beetle. With this Platform Scale game you can measure each to the nearest hundredths of a unit.
Platform Scale addition Common fraction and decimal equivalents are used as five characters jump onto a platform scale. With this Platform Scale Add and Subtract game you will be adding and subtracting to find total weight on the scale.