Now its Grammy's turn to hide.  She hides better than Grampy so you will be unable to see her behind the fence. When you press the <Start> button, Grammy will hide at a fractional distance between the beginning and the end of the fence.

Watch carefully as she moves behind the hedge because she will suddenly hide.

To help you find Grammy you will be given the denominator of the fraction distance where she is hiding. Grampy will help by saying "HOT" if the fraction you enter brings you closer to her. He will say "COLD" if the fraction you enter does not bring you closer to her.

When you enter a fraction, the fraction will appear on that position you entered. Fractions you entered will be placed along the hedge to show all the positions you entered.

Pressing the <Start> button will reset the game so you can start over.

The computer will keep track of the number of times you find Grammy and the number of tries.

Qualify as a GRAMMY FINDER by achieving a perfect score with 5 or more examples.

Qualify as a CHAMPION GRAMMY FINDER by achieving a perfect score with 10 or more examples.

Press the <Report> button to make a report card. This button will open a dialog that asks you to submit your name. You may prefer to submit a code for your name. The <Send> key on the dialog box will open a new browser window with your printable report card

See the program How to Identify Fractions for more information on numerator and denominator.

Have fun!


By playing this game:

  1. The relative distances of different fractions along a number line.
  2. How to find the numerator of a fraction.
  3. How the denominator determines the size of a fraction.