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Make Fractions of a Group uses square and round cookies to demonstrate a fractional part of a group of objects. The following illustration was made from this program:

What fraction of the cookies are square?

7/9 Picture

To arrive at the fraction 7/9 ths simply enter 7 for the number of square cookies and 9 for the total number of cookies.

The picture will show that 7 of the 9 cookies are square cookies.

The <EXPLAIN> button will show how the fraction of square cookies is calculated. Uncheck <EXPLAIN> to hide the explanation, allowing the teacher or learner to demonstrate how to write the fractions.

With <SHOW INPUT> unchecked, the fraction input boxes will act the same as password input boxes so students will not see the numbers you input..


Demonstrate numerator with 3/9 and then 4/9. Continue with increasing the numerator until you arrive at 9/9. This will make all, or the whole group of cookies, square cookies.

If you are unhappy with the way the cookies are arranged on the cookie sheet, just drag the cookies to where you want them.

All fractions must be less than or equal to one. The denominator must be 20 or less.

With <HIDE INPUT> and <EXPLAIN OFF> you have the opportunity to ask the student to name the numeral from the fraction model.

With <EXPLAIN> and <SHOW INPUT> unchecked, you have the opportunity to ask the student the fraction of square cookies to total cookies from the fraction model.

You may drag any of the cookies. Left click on the cookie and move to any position you wish.


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