With this Platform Scale game you will weigh characters one at a time as they jump onto the scale. The characters will stay on the scale until all five items are weighed. You are to find the total weight of the characters as they jump on the scale.

When all five characters are on the scale they will begin jumping off one at a time. You are to find the total weights of the characters on the scale as they jump off. The game is complete when there are no more characters on the scale.

There are two number bars on the platform scale. The lower bar has a units number line and the top bar has a tenths number line. The units number line is sectioned into tenths and the tenths number line is sectioned into hundredths.

The sliding weight on each number line can move by dragging with the mouse.

You can also move the tenths sliding weight a hundredths unit by pressing the right or left arrow keys.

It is suggested that you drag the sliding weight with the mouse first. When the number bars are close to level, use the left or right arrow keys to move the tenths sliding weight to find the exact weight.

The information window on the bottom left will tell you the total weight you have chosen by moving the sliding weights. This is the PLATFORM WEIGHT..

After pressing the <Start> button, one of the characters will jump onto the scale. A fraction will appear over the character that tells its weight. You are to move the sliding weights so that the decimal amount equals that fraction amount. For example, if the BIRD weighs 1/2 you will slide the tenths sliding weight to 0.50 on the number bar. The number bars will rotate as you move the sliding weight. Move the sliding weights so that the number bars are level. The red pointer on the units number bar will point to the center mark on the scale when the correct weight is found.

If you experiment with the sliding weights you will notice that the tenths sliding weight moves faster that the units sliding weight.You will be assisted by the words "higher" and "lower" in the messages window. If "higher", move the sliding weights to the right and if lower, move the sliding weights to the left. When the total weight of the characters on the platform is found one of the characters will jump on or off the platform. Your score will increase by one point.

You can press the <RESET> button if you wish to start over.

Practice moving the units bar and the tenths bar with a combination of mouse and arrow keys.

The game will stop after the five characters jump on and then jump off the scale. Try to weigh all five characters in less than 5 minutes.. Become an EXPERT PLATFORM SCALE OPERATOR by weighing the five characters in less than three minutes.

The <REPORT> button will open a dialog that asks for your name. Press the <SEND> button for a score report. On the score report you may print the page by pressing the <PRINT> button or you may send the report by email by pressing thr <EMAIL> button

The different weights for each character are:

CHIMP 1 1/10,1 3/20, 1 1/5, 1 1/4, 1 3/10, 1 7/20, 1 2/5, 1 9/20, 1 1/2 units

RABBIT 3/4, 4/5, 17/20, 9/10, 19/20, 1, 1 1/20, 1 1/10 units

BLINKER 9/20, 1/2, 11/20, 3/5, 13/20, 7/10 units

BIRD 1/5, 1/4, 3/10, 7/20, 2/5 units

BEETLE 1/20, 1/10, 3/20 units

The decimal equivalents can be calculated easily by renaming the fraction as hundredhs. For example, if the BIRD'S weight is 1/4 .you willmove the sliding weight 0.25units to the right..

The BLINKER might weigh 9/20 or 45/100 or 0.45 as a decimal.

See the program Renaming to Higher Terms for information and practice on renaming to higher terms.



  1. The relative distances of units, tenths, hundredths along a decimal number lines.
  2. Units on the tenths number line are 1/10 the size of units on the units number line.
  3. Convert from fraction form to decimal form quickly.
  4. Add or subtract decimals and fractions and see their relative values on the number line.