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Rename to Higher Terms uses circles to demonstrate how a fraction can be renamed to higher terms.

The following equivalent fractions were made by Rename to Higher Terms with Circles Designer:

Rename Higher image

When the program starts, you will be shown a fractional part of a circle. The denominator of an equivalent fraction will be given. You are to find the numerator of the fraction with the given denominator.

The equivalent fraction can be written by multiplying the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same number. The above illustration shows that we are multiplying the fraction by the number 5/5 which is the same as multiplying by one(1). As you can see, both the numerator 2 and the denominator 3 are multiplied by 5.

The 5 is arrived at by asking, "What times the denominator 3 equals 15?". Since the denominator is multiplied by 5 then the numerator must be multiplied by 5.

When a correct numerator is entered, a second circle will appear. The two circles represent the same amount. Although there are more parts in the second circle, the parts are smaller, making the two fractions equivalent. The second number is in higher terms.